Anyone who’s been in sales knows getting a qualified lead is hard work. Nurturing them is harder. Making them your customer is the ultimate challenge.

Customer relationship management is not just about managing people after they become your customers. It’s about how you manage people before and after they become your customers.

When you send a welcome email to a person who’s just signed up for your product, you take the first step towards building a relationship with them. When you avoid spamming your leads and stay around discreetly enough to respond to their queries, that’s another sign of good customer relationship management. And when they finally sign on the dotted line, leaving them with no second thoughts on post-sales support is part of the CRM package.

Compliance Flow software brings multiple functionalities—phone, email, report creation, activity tracking, automations—into one system. So instead of switching tools every few minutes, you’ll stay on one tool, get all the functionalities you need, and have a 360° view of every customer—always. This gives you more time to focus on the human aspect of sales: reaching out and solving people’s needs.